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101 Must-Follow Sex Positive Twitter Users for #FF (Part 2)

    At GetLusty, we're all about empowering couples to have amazing sexual relationships. What better addition to Twitter's #FollowFriday (also #FF) than our top 100 favorite sex positive people? We follow these folks and really love their message. Our team has compiled a hefty list of 101 sex positive individuals and organizations to follow this Friday. The list was so big, we had to break it in two! Below we've segmented into gay, lesbian, LGBTQ, erotica and organizations. Don't forget to follow @GetLusty on the bottom!

    * * *


    @AMERICAblogGay (Washington, DC)
    Name: AMERICAblogGay
    Profile says: One of America's most influential gay civil rights blogs. Editor @aravosis

    @Instigaytor (Chicago, IL)
    Name: Insti(gay)tor
    Profile says: Insti(Gay)tor is an exclusive matchmaking agency that provides introductions, #date coaching and singles events to the GLBT community.

    @DaleLazarovXXX (Chicago, IL)
    Name: Dale Lazarov 
    Profile says: Writer/editor of chic, wholesome hardcovers of gay erotic comics filth published by Bruno Gmünder Verlag and distributed worldwide! Lives in Chicago. 


    @Lesbilicious (UK)
    Profile says: The web's tastiest lesbian magazine.

    @100Lesbians (Los Angeles, CA)
    Name: Emily Wilcox
    Profile says: Relationship expert and author of 100 Lesbians Walk Into a Bar... Real Women. Real Questions. Real Funny.

    @LesbianLoveGuru (New York, NY)
    Name: Christine Dunn
    Profile says: Helping lesbians re-ignite the love, passion, and deep connection in their relationships.


    @viviane212 (New York, NY)
    Name: Viviane
    Profile says: Sex nerd and tech top. Interests include blogging, kink, LGBTQ health and policy, social media, sex-positive culture, privacy and technology.

    @KateLoree (Encino, CA)
    Name: Kate S. Loree, LMFT
    Profile says: Sex columnist & psychotherapist. Advocate for free thinkers, creatives, sex workers, LGBTQ, swingers, polyamorous, and kinksters.

    @QueerieBradshaw (San Diego, CA)
    Name: Lauren Marie Fleming
    Profile says: Queer femme sexpert who tweets a lot about porn, cancer and your mom. Professional speaker, writer & Editor-in-Chief of See also @LaurenMF.

    @sexgeekAZ (Toronto, Canada)
    Name: Andrea Zanin
    Profile says: I'm a queer-poly-kinky gal with a taste for the nerdy, the sexy & the political (& the chocolate). Blogger, journalist, speaker, PhD student, translator, and editor.

    Name: Anne Fausto-Sterling
    Profile says: Dr. Anne Fausto-Sterling is a leading expert on the development of sexual identity as well as the biology of gender.


    @HollyRandall (Los Angeles, CA)
    Name: Holly Randall
    Profile says: Erotic Photographer/Director/Producer

    @ashenwhite (Toronto, Canada)
    Name: Ashen White
    Profile says: Author and blogger of erotic tales & horror tales - things that go bump or bonk in the night.

    @writingdirty (New York, NY)
    Name: Jack Stratton
    Profile says: Erotica writer, New Yorker, blogger, activist, hedonist, poly, dandy, and self publisher.

    Name: Cassandra Carr
    Profile says: Award-winning, multi-pubbed erotic romance writer.

    Name: Tonya Kinzer
    Profile says: Author of The Boss's Pet series.

    @OCEroticBooks (Boulder, CO)
    Name: OystersandChocolae
    Profile says: Slingin' the smart smut since 2005. Erotica stories, art, poetry at and erotic books at

    Name: Michelle Fawkes
    Profile says: Erotic romance writer.

    @XciteStories (London)
    Name: Xcite Sexy Stories
    Profile says: If you love hot, sexy stories then you'll enjoy our free reads, reviews & new title info.

    @PortiaDaCosta (Yorkshire, UK)
    Name: Portia DaCosta
    Profile says: Veteran author of erotica & romance.

    @eroticnotebook (England)
    Name: Ruby
    Profile says: A delightful head of kink & lone parent. Founder of Eroticon, UK's first sex blogger erotica authors conference.


    Name: CatalystCon
    Profile says: Sparking Communication In sexuality, Activism, and Acceptance. Next conference: March 15-17, 2013 Washington, DC

    Name: American Journal of Sex Education
    Profile says: A peer-reviewed journal on sex ed, with research, scholarly commentary, lesson plans, resource reviews, and more. Tweets by editor Bill Taverner.

    Name: SWOP-USA
    Profile says: Sex Workers Outreach Project: Sex Workers Rights Are Human Rights

    Name: The CSPH (Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health)
    Profile says: The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health is now on Tumblr! Follow us at

    Name: SSSS
    Profile says: The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS) is an organization dedicated to the advancement of sexuality knowledge, research, and sexual science.

    Name: Kinsey Institute
    Profile says: Keep in touch with sex research news and events

    @goodinbed (New York, NY)
    Name: Good in Bed
    Profile says: We believe that sex matters--your sex life in particular. Follow us for sexy news, intimate advice, and smart sex ed that works.

    @MakeLoveNotPorn (New York, NY)
    Name: Make Love Not
    Profile says: We like great porn. We like great sex. They're not always the same thing.

    @NoH8Campaign (Los Angeles, CA)
    Name: NoH8 Campaign
    Profile says: Join the fight to end H8!

    Name: The Sex Experiment
    Profile says: A man, a wife, a dare. From the erotic blog.

    @GottmanInst (Seattle, WA)
    Name: The Gottman Institute 
    Profile says: The official twitter of the Gottman Institute, which provides practical, research-based skills to strengthen and restore marriages & relationships.

    @getlusty (Chicago)
    Name: GetLusty for Couples
    Profile says: Couples: End boring sex! See our 425+ articles. Our daily eNewsletter Version 2 Launches Dec 1. Sign up! 

    I'm sure we're missing many here! To include one you love, comment below!
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