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101 Must-Follow Sex Positive Twitter Accounts for #FF (Part 1)

    At GetLusty, we're all about empowering couples to have amazing sexual relationships. What better addition to Twitter's #FollowFriday (also #FF) than our top 100 favorite sex positive people? We follow these folks and really love their message. Our team has compiled a hefty 100 sex positive individuals and organizations to follow this Friday. We couldn't fit the entire list onto Blogger, so have split it in two!

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    @SarahSloane (Chicago)
    Profile says: Sex & relationships educator, writer, introvert, manager of @PleasureChestCH, natural redhead (even if it's going grey)

    @CarolQueen (San Francisco)
    Profile says: Author, pleasure activist, Good Vibes staff sexologist, Center for Sex & Culture founding director.

    @ninaland (Los Angeles, CA)
    Name: Nina Hartley
    Profile says: Join my new Facebook Fan Page and keep up with my news and be part of the conversation and help me build a new community.

    @TracyClarkFlory (San Francisco)
    Profile Says: sex reporter: Email: tracy [at]

    @AudaciaRay (New York)
    Profile says: Director of @RedUmbrellaProj, working to amplify voices of people in the sex trade, host of storytelling series & podcast. Reader, writer, fighter.

    @CharlieGlickman (Oakland, CA)
    Profile says: Sexuality workshop presenter, occasional university professor, sex geek, blogger, & writer.

    @Shanna_Katz (Denver, CO)
    Profile says: I'm a professional educator, writer & the like. I'm a queer, disabled, fierce Femme ...who loves cats & cupcakes, and the spectrum of sexuality.

    @DebISIS (Oakland, CA)
    Name: Deb Levine
    Profile says:  Sex ed and technology go together like birds of a feather

    @JaiyaNWSE (San Fran)
    Name: Jaiya
    Profile says: I have the best job in the world: teaching people how to have the best sex ever! I'm a somatic sexologist, author, filmmaker and media personality...

    @CrystalSedona (Sedona, AZ)
    Profile says: Tantra Teacher, Bliss and Intimacy Coach, Transformational Healer, Meditation and Self Inquiry Facilitator, Dancer, Midwife, Yogini 

    @PassionAndSoul (Brooklyn)
    Name: Lee Harrington
    Profile says: Sexuality/Spirituality Author, Artist, Educator and Shaman at

    @MoushumiAmour also @Motor_Amour (Los Angeles)
    Profile says: Sex therapist / writer / filmmaker / host.

    @drsuzy (Los Angeles)
    Name: Dr. Susan Block
    Profile says: International Sexologist and Horny Housewife. For info on Telephone Sex Therapy with the Block Institute or Adventures in BonoboVille call 213.291.9497

    @AnitaWagner (Washington, D.C.)
    Profile says: Thought leader, polyamorous relationships advocate, blogger, educator, sapiosexual

    @LivingSexuality (Charlotte, NC)
    Name: Becky Knight
    Profile says: Clinical Sexologist and AASECT Certified Sexuality Educator. Promoting sexual health and sexual rights for all

    @DebbieHerbenick (Bloomington, IN)
    Profile says: Indiana Univ sex researcher, Kinsey sex educator, author of B/c It Feels Good, Read My Lips, Great in Bed, I Love You More Book, Sex Made Easy. Opinions my own.

    @TristanTaormino (New York) 
    Profile says: Author, Editor, Sex Educator, College Speaker, Feminist Pornographer, Activist, @SexOutLoudRadio Host. Site & tweets often NSFW,

    @DrDickSexAdvice (Seattle)
    Name: Richard Wagner
    Profile says: Sex therapist and sex advice columnist. CEO, Daddy Oohhh! Productions. That savagely scintillating sexologist, Dr Dick

    @fakedansavage (Seattle)
    Name: Dan Savage
    Profile says: Dan Savage is the author of Savage Love, co-founder of the It Gets Better Project, and stars in MTV's Savage U

    @dravacadell (California)                        
    Name: Dr. Ava Cadell
    Profile: Dr. Ava is the author of seven books and is the resident loveologist to the Hollywood Stars.

    @hlpleasurecoach (Los Angeles, California)
    Profile says: "Sex, intimacy and relationship coach, sex positive educator, speaker, intimacy bodyworker, bondassage, adult product concierge blogger."

    @FeliceDunas (Los Angeles)          
    Name: Felice Dunas Ph.D.
    Profile says: Felice Dunas is a public speaker, consultant and coach who uses her study of the human body and ancient medicine to better he lives of couples, families, individuals and health care CEO's.

    @DanAndJennifer (Dallas, Texas)              
    Name: Dan and Jennifer
    Profile says: Founders of Ask Dan and Jennifer

    Name: Michael Smith MFT (Orange County, California)
    Profile says: Michael is an AASECT certified sex therapist as well as an addiction specialist.

    Name: Dr. Joy Davidson (New York City)
    Profile says: Author of Psychology of Joss Whedon, Fearless sex, and Joy Sot Sex Ed. Videos. She is also a sex therapist and psychotherapist.

    Name: Logan Levkoff, Ph.D.
    Profile says: Author of How to get your wife To Have Sex With You and Third Base isn't What It Used To Be. She is also a mother, sexologist and sex educator

    Name: Mare Simone (Agoura Hills, Ca)
    Profile Says: Mare Simone is a sex educator and sex coach with focus in tantric sex.

    Name: Megan Andelloux (Rhode Island)
    Profile says: Megan Andelloux is a sexologist, sex educator and sexual right activist.

    Name: Dr. Ruthie (Washington, DC)
    Profile says: Dr. Ruthie is the author of The Nice girls guide to talking dirty. She is also a sex and relationship expert.

    Name: David Shade (Detroit, MI)
    Profile says: America's renegade sex expert and author of "The Secrets of Female Sexuality"

    @DrJohnB (Pittsburgh, PA)
    Name: Dr. John Walter Beiter
    Profile says: Creative and fun loving, sex therapist/researcher, PhD psychologist,
    executive coach, helping people and relationships are my passion.

    Name: Dr. Yvonne K. Fulbright
    Profile says: Sexologist, relationship expert, sex educator and author.

    @Candida Royalle (New York, NY)
    Name: Candida Royalle
    Profile says: I'm known for pioneering the concept of erotica from a wonan's point of view.

    @jamye (San Francisco, CA)
    Name: Jamye Waxman
    Profile says: Sex educator, author, cuddler, and filmmaker.

    @DrMartyKlein (Palo Alto, CA)
    Name: Dr. Marty Klein
    Profile says: Sex-positive sex therapist/marriage counselor, author, forensic expert on sexual behavior, pornography & obscenity, and lecturer.

    @TheMamaSutra (Northern California)
    Name: Lanae St. John
    Profile says: Sex Educator, blogger, and sexologist.

    @Violetx_xRose (London, UK)
    Name:Violet Rose
    Profile says: Courtesan

    @AskLauriWatson (Raleigh, NC)
    Name: Laurie J. Watson
    Profile says: Sex therapist, author, blogger, radio and TV personality.

    @bishtraining (London, UK)
    Name: Justin Hancock
    Profile says: Sex educator and editor of

    @YouShouldKnowCA (Vancouver, BC)
    Name: Janet Madsen
    Profile says: Sexual health, views & science for women, blogger, and HIV educator.

    @DrSonjia (Miami Beach, FL)
    Name: Sonjia
    Profile says: Sex educator. My goal is to help people have easy, fun, and informed conversations that lead to more satisfying sexual relationships.

    @EricPride (New York)
    Name: Eric
    Profile says: Educator on alternative lifestyles, kinky relationships, D/s and M/s dynamics, spirituality, and S&M.

    Name: Dr. Laura Berman
    Profile says: A leading expert in relationships and sexual health and host on @OprahRadio & @OprahWinfreyNet.

    @SunnyMegatron (Chicago, IL)
    Name: Sunny Megatron
    Profile says: Pleasure advocate, sex blogger, sexuality educator. Teaches adult sex ed workshops across the U.S. w/partner Ken Melvoin-Berg.

    @simonebienne (Los Angeles, CA)
    Name: Simone Bienne
    Profile says: Radio host, sex & relationship therapist, author, columnist, Ricki Lake Show Contributor.

    Name: Dr. Nwachi Tafari
    Profile says: I am a spirit and a learner. I am a life coach and sexologist.

    @pamelamadsen (New York, NY)
    Name: Pamela Madsen
    Profile says: Fertility/Sex Educator/Coach, speaker, founder American Fertility Assn, author.

    @SexualityToday (New York, NY)
    Name: Dr. Stephen Snyder
    Profile says: NYC sex and relationship expert, MD psychotherapist, writer.

    @Doctor_Chelsea (Colorado)
    Name: Dr. Chelsea Holland
    Profile says: Doctor of Human Sexuality, sexologist, sex educator, sex counselor, writer, blogger, and sex-positivity activist.

    Name: Chrystal Martin
    Profile says: Award nominated sex positive blogger, sex educator, sex and relationship coach, and radio personality.

    @CarlaTara (New York, NY)
    Name: Carla Tara
    Profile says: Intimacy expert, author, tantra master - seeking & sharing knowledge of love & intimacy.

    @purepleasure (Santa Cruz, CA)
    Name: Amy Baldwin
    Profile says: Certified sex educator and head honcho of a mother/daughter-run pleasure shop specializing in high-quality adult toys and sex-positive sex-ed.

    @dr_teesha (Vancouver, BC)
    Name: Dr. Teesha Morgan
    Profile says: Sex therapist, clinical counselor and educator.

    @nandoism (New York, NY)
    Name: Fernando (Nando) Rodriquez
    Profile says: New City dating & relationship coach, speaker and web personality--conquering the world--one sexy blog and video at a time.

    Name: Jane Blow
    Profile says: Faceted sensualist, sex-positive educator & toy connoisseur from SI,NY. Blogger, know-it-all, specializing in workshops, outreach & deviant behavior.

    @SexWithDrJess (Toronto, Canada)
    Name: Jessica O'Reilly
    Profile says: TV Host - @PlayboyTV's SWING, sex & relationship Expert (PhD), author, counselor.

    @JustinLehmiller (Boston, MA)
    Name: Justin Lehmiller
    Profile says: Social psychologist, relationship researcher, and sex columnist.

    @RobinsToyNest (Northern Virginia)
    Name: Robin Mandell
    Profile says: Yoga-practicing, book-reading, feminist sex educator.

    @pervocracy (Massachusetts)
    Name: Cliff
    Profile says: A philosophical feminist, polyamorous, geeky, slightly loopy little pervert.

    @Dr_NikkiG (Sydney, Australia)
    Name: Nikki Goldstein
    Profile says: Sexologist & relationship expert.

    @DrPetra (UK)
    Name: Petra Boynton
    Profile says: Senior lecturer International Health Research, UCL. Studying sex/relationships, pregnancy, and parenthood.

    @vanbakes (Dublin, Ireland)
    Name: Vanessa Baker
    Profile says: Journalist, sex blogger, writer, slam poet, vagina warrior, pro-sex, anti-violence, reader, lover, laugher, aspiring groupie, co-director of @hollabackdublin.

    @sexgenderbody (Chicago, IL)
    Profile says: An open, honest conversation about sex, gender, and body.

    @YasiJasmina (Vancouver, Canada)
    Name: Yasaman Madankia
    Profile says: Sex researcher at SFU, sex educator at GoDo I.T., sex and relationship columnist at Danestaniha and @HushVancouver.

    Name: C. Loftus
    Profile says: Top site for porn star gossip & adult industry news.

    @msnaughty (Australia)
    Name: Ms Naughty
    Profile says: Feminist pornographer, creator of porn for women sites and films.

    @BSexPositive (Los Angeles, CA)
    Name: Emily Prior
    Profile says: I am the Director and Lead Presenter for the Center for Positive Sexuality. I teach and do private coaching about a variety of sex and gender topics. 

    Name: Chris Ryan
    Profile says: Psychologist, speaker, author of New York Times bestseller Sex at Dawn. Blogger at Psychology Today. Man about town.

    Name: Dr. Karen Sherman 
    Profile says: Psychologist/Author/Internet Expert/Professor helping you have an Empowered Relationship with others and reaching your fullest potential.
    Name: Dr. Gail Saltz
    Profile says: Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst, bestselling author, and TV commentator on mental health, sex, and relationships for @todayshow etc. Happy wife, mom and learner. 

    Name: Laci Green 
    Profile says: I'm a peer sex educator who makes sex positive vids! this is my personal account.

    Have we missed any? Do comment below! Thanks! 
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