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3 Tips for Lovingly Playing With His Balls

    We don't write frequently on testicles. They always seem to get left out. There's prostate play and pegging and our friend Charlie Glickman talks about prostate play. Although Camille Crimson noted testicle play in her blowjob recommendations. However, we haven't spoken about playing with your mans' balls. So Tommy Allen, our favorite happily married husband, is here to talk about why you might want to play with his balls more often. 

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    Ball squeezing is so misunderstood. I'm sure some men have a very sensitive scrotum and their partner can tell when too much pressure is applied. For example, listen for the loud wail. But you'll be pleasantly surprised just how hard you can squeeze those begging balls when passion has consumed him.

    The cupped hand of a loving partner around the family jewels is one of the most sensual things a guy can experience. A partner who is willing to hold your precious pearls in her hand and knead them gently is very special indeed. I'm talking about kneading like with bread. Gently. But when she knows what to do and how far she can go and how hard she can squeeze, it can be explosive.

    Too much too soon can be painful, but just the right amount of pressure at the right time can be wonderful. My recommendations:

    #1 Start very gently

    Be sure you start softly and continue to become more aggressive - up until the point he pulls away. Pain can be erotic, in small bits. It can be a mood killer if you give too much before he's ready. He may have extremely sensitive testicles or not so much. First understanding his responses will let you know how gently (or more aggressive) you can massage his crown jewels.

    #2 Start with one

    You can embrace his entire ball sack is in your hand therefore spreading the pressure over a wider area. Or try kneading ONE ball between your fingers. Too much concentrated pressure and he will surely let you know. But by having his testicles in your hand you can apply gently increasing pressure as his pleasure escalates.

    #3 Gradually add pressure

    Once the mood has swung into high gear imagine yourself as his sexual master and in control of his whole being with only his balls in your hand. You can squeeze and squeeze hard to elicit response. At this point you can make him grimace in pain, as long as you keep the juices flowing. Add pressure, then release and rub his dick. The enjoyment of your hand on his dick quickly diminishes the pain in his balls.

    There are few times a man enjoys waking up with sore and bruised balls. One of those is the morning-after having his balls worked over by an overzealous partner having her way with him. The guy thinks how sore his tesitcles are, then a smile comes over his face as he remembers those hands that were squeezing them only hours ago. The pleasure lingers with the pain.

    Sometimes you ladies think of guy's balls the way men think of breasts - something to touch once, touch twice, and then go for gold. Men should savor and enjoy the breasts like fine wine and you girls should feast on those precious hanging nuts during the entire meal, not just as an appetizer.

    When we heard from Tommy, we were very excited. He's still very much in love with his wife of over 3 decades. And he wants to share his successful skills! 

    Tommy has been happily married for 34 years and together he and his wife has 3 grown sons. He is a student of life and love. He loves to learn by watching, listening and observing others. He use his blog to share his observations on life, love and relationships. Love is Tommy's favorite subject. He and his wife have lived, loved, loved and loved some more in Daytona Beach for more than 18 years. Check out his blog at
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