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9 Naked Date Ideas for This Weekend

    Autumn is so romantic: the temperature is perfect for cuddling but still nice enough to leave the house, the food is sweet and savory and the entertainment is superb. Though Naked November came and left, that doesn't mean you can't still have a fabulous time naked! What better way to have fun then get naked? GetLusty's Crimson Love reports with ten ideas for having fun and getting naked at the same time!

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    Holiday times can be rough. What better way to spend your time together than naked and having a ball?

    #1 Naked board game night

    Twister, anyone? Pick out your favorite game and make them a little more risqué. Make the stakes higher. For whoever wins, the sexy reward could involve cunnilingus, nipple play or anything else sexy. Ever consider sexy monopoly? Oh, yeah. Twister? Now you're thinking!

    #2 Play out the scene to a movie

    There is nothing quite like holding onto your partner while playing out a scene from, "The Lord of the Rings"! Is there a scene from a movie you both know so well you re-live it in your heads? Now how about naked? Being nude just makes everything more fun!

    #3 Dance party!

    Dance parties aren't just for Jersey Shore. This isn't the time to lower your heat. Get your own indoor dance party. Naked! You might even break a sweat. How about a quick shower after that dance party? Who hates showers with your lover? Thought so.

    #4 Indoor picnic

    How about setting up a warm romantic picnic in the middle of your living room? You don’t even have to put on clothes to leave the house. Rather than a meal, you can re-live the picnic setting. How about Champagne and strawberries? If you really want to get picnic-y, you could also bring in some AstroTurf. Or just some green clothes? Get creative!

    #5 Add something to your bed

    Get a new set of sheets. This will make your abode feel even warmer and make it even harder to leave. Take Sunday morning cuddles to the next level with satin sheets. Don't tell me that won't feel luxurious and wonderful when you're naked!

    #6 Enjoy morning coffee together

    Wake up earlier, cuddle, drink coffee and have some sort of pastry, if possible. Coffee in the nude is so much fun! You could also pick up a variety of creamers (Pumpkin spice? Eggnog latte?) and enjoy a little cream!

    #7 Write a story together

    Not just a story. Something creative. Do either of you paint? Write? Draw? Sit down together and share your passions. If you prefer to not be physically involved with another medium, read something you enjoy and lay together. Being creative while naked can take things to a different level.

    #8 Bath time

    When it's extra chilly, give your body some love with a bath or shower. Get clean, whip away the negative emotions about your body, and talk positively. How beautiful you are! How wonderful your partner is.

    Our friend Bonnie Gayle, of Body Liberator, recommends especially during bath and shower time to love our bodies especially. So give yourself some love and tender attention. And give some of that to your partner, too!

    #9 Have a cider date

    Want to have a sweet and alcoholic date? Try different types of cider! Get several different flavors and brands to find out your favorite. They go very well with fall foods as well. Naked? Yes, even naked! Obviously, watch out when boiling the cider is the only issue. A little less dangerous than cooking bacon naked (think: oil), boiling liquids while naked is still slightly hazardous.

    This is a guest post by our very own Crimson Love. Crimson is our resident fetish expert. If you don't see Crimson out dining with her adoring boyfriend, you'll find her reading books on innovation or finance. Crimson is currently finishing off her Bachelor's, she is passionate about food, photography, music and especially sex--and she's not afraid to talk about it. With everyone!

    Have story ideas? Get in touch with Crimson at
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