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Best of 2012! Camille Crimson's Top 10 Places to Give a Blowjob (NSFW)

    Because 2012 is still lingering in our memory, and it's Jizz January, we wanted to give more ideas around blowjobs. Did we mention we love giving and getting head? Camille Crimson inspires us to give better head. She knows a thing or two about blowjobs. She's been managing and for some time now and has made some pretty hot films of herself doing just that. Camille advocates oral sex and pleasure. She has given us her top tips on how to give a blowjob and how to even how to respectfully receive a blowjob! Now our blowjob guru is here with 10 places to give and receive a blowjob! Want to spice it up a little? Follow Camille's advice because she knows what she's doing!

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    As a huge fan of blowjobs, I give them a lot. They're part of my life and who I am and I want more people to feel free to enjoy that part of themselves as well. But where? Well, I sat down and thought of some great spots to try out the oral arts (and then some!) from right at home to far-reaching destinations. Blowjobs (and cunnilingus too!) are good acts for experimenting with sex in different places because if you get interrupted (and let's hope you don't) you can zip up and play dumb pretty easily. So, let's get going!

    #1 In bed 

    Let's start with the basics. Blowjobs in bed are pretty great. You can take turns laying down, you can prop yourself up with pillows, you can get under the covers if it's cold. It's also the perfect place to get extremely playful and exploratory.

    You can lay your head over the side of the bed while your partner enters your mouth from above for great deep throating, you can try different ways to 69 for wonderful (and comfortable) mutual pleasure and you can move the fun anywhere else in the house.

    #2 In the kitchen

    When you're cooking something up with your partner, things tend to get pretty flirty. Maybe you spill a little something on yourself and need to take off an article of clothing.

    Maybe you taste test something off of their finger and it inspires you to suck on something else. You can get down on your knees, roll around on the floor (and you can check to make sure nothing rolled under the fridge while you're down there) or get him sitting up on the counter to get better access. You can use whatever sexy foods you have on hand to lick off each other. Why not use a little oil to stroke him while you suck him for a silky smooth handjob. Just make sure not to burn anything while your attention is less focused on the cooking.

    #3 While taking a bath or shower 

    Playful splashing! Sensual soaping up! Feeling all fresh and clean, then getting all fresh and clean again after! Just a few of the great reasons why blowjobs in the bath/shower are lots of fun. A few words of caution: Don't slip! No matter how good it feels, don't lose your grip.

     If you're giving a blowjob on your knees under the shower, be sure to angle your eyes away from the stream so you don't end up with runny mascara stinging your eyes. And if you're in the bath and you want to see how long you can hold your breath, just be realistic about it. You're not Aquaman! As long as you play it safe, this is one of the most erotic ways to enjoy a blowjob.

    #4 At a public restroom

    Home washroom play can be fun, but there is something very sexy about sneaking away together to have a quickie in a secluded spot while at a bar, restaurant, concert etc. This invariably means the public restroom. If you luck into a place with single stall rooms, occupy it if there's more than one and you'll be assured a nice, leisurely blowjob.

     If you're in a multi-stall room, you'll need to be a lot more quiet and try hiding behind him so that you can't overtly see two sets of feet. A lot of people love this kind of thrill, so go for it!  Just be sure to hurry up if anyone knocks and don't feel too embarrassed when you walk out.

    #5 Up against a wall in an alley 

    For those of us in big cities, we've all seen a couple giggling and holding hands as they sneak into an alley for… most likely a blowjob. Of course, there's the risk of getting caught, but if you can be discrete and ready to leave at a moment's notice, you can take advantage of urban life by infusing it with your sexuality. Squatting instead of kneeling is a good way to avoid sore knees from the sidewalk and leaning up against a wall is the best way to ensure that you're out of the field of vision. This can feel a little dirty, but only if you want it to. It's a playful way to take sex out into the streets-literally.

    #6 Under the table 

    This is fun whether you're in public or at home, though this would be a pretty high risk thing to try at a restaurant. Mostly, it's a nice way to always be surprising with the blowjob. You can't be seen, so every change of speed or sensation is totally unexpected. This can be really thrilling. And if you happen to catch a glimpse of each other and lock eyes covertly under the table, there's a real jolt by having that moment of connection. Try this at home and, well, proceed with caution if you try it anywhere else. It's better to covertly tease each other under the table to start.

    #7 The great outdoors 

    I've been lucky enough to give blowjobs in a stream, in a field, on a beach, and in the forest. There's nothing more lovely than feeling the wind in your hair and seeing the beauty of nature all around you while you enjoy this sensual act. It's pretty easy to find secluded spots in the wilderness and it brings out your animalistic side and all the desires that come along with it. So, next time you're on a road trip, camping or on vacation at a lovely beach, lay down and marvel at the stars or the bright blue sky while savoring a beautiful blowjob.

    #8 In a car  

    This reminds me of getting out of the house to have a moment of privacy. Parking is an antiquated concept in a way, but it still goes on and you can do it even once you have your own private space, just to spice things up. I'm not advocating road head (drive safe!) but I do think that there's a really sexy feeling that comes with leaning over from one seat to give a really erotic blowjob.

     You can be in the passenger's seat or the driver's seat metaphorically and literally. Just park somewhere low-key and unexpected. No one likes hearing that tap on the window.

    #9 On camera 

    This isn't really a place, but it is in a way. Giving a blowjob on film is pretty incredible, speaking from personal experience. Being filmed is exhilarating, you end up feeling like you're giving the best blowjob of your life because you're paying extra attention to feeling sexy and then you can watch it again to enjoy how hot it is. If you do want to take it to the next level and to another "place" by putting it on the Internet, just be sure to stay as anonymous as you can unless that's not the point. Hide anything identifiable from view. Then wait for the comments to come rolling in, spurring you on to more passionate blowjob exploration.

    #10 From the rooftops

    Have you ever wanted to declare your love from the rooftops? Well, you can sort of do that with a blowjob. This is for the real adventurer. If you have access to a fire escape, then you can conceivably climb up a short building for a nice view of the night sky and an unforgettable blowjob experience- if you're up to the challenge.

    What's your favorite place to enjoy a blowjob?

    Camille Crimson specializes in sexuality, feminism, oral sex, and creating and marketing beautiful porn. Her websites The Art of the Blowjob and Slow Motion Blowjob are full of exquisite photo and video shoots that showcase "the subversive yet natural subject we all love: sex". On top of being a versatile business woman, Camille plays guitar, loves horror movies, and has recently gotten into motorcycles. Follow Camille on Twitter @CamilleCrimson and on Facebook.
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