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7 Provocative Locations for a Quickie

    Have sex! Wait, what if you don't have much time? We're all busy people – running from chore to chore, job to job – life's hectic. But a tight schedule is no reason to miss out on some lusty, spontaneous interaction with your partner. Sometimes, all you need is a few minutes – maybe less. GetLusty is all about a passionate quickie from time to time, but let's make it a bit more interesting. GetLusty for Couples writer Grace Mary has 8 sexy location ideas for a salacious quickie.

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    ‘Hectic’ and ‘busy’ are two words which describe nearly everyone’s life. So how is it possible to keep your sex-life alive and burning hot when your datebook is packed enough for three people? Quickies might be the answer to your fantasies. Popular wisdom says that women need long romantic sexual encounters everytime. As usual, popular wisdom is only somewhat right, but mostly wrong. Having your partner sweep you off your feet with his I-must-have-you-now passion is a turn-on all on its own.

    Finding the right place for your passionate rendezvous is essential. Everyone has fantasies about ‘doing it’ somewhere illicit. Elevators, movie theaters and that supply closet at work are favorite fantasy hotspots. Sex in those places can be great, but remember originality is always a great turn-on. Here are some hot spots for a cool quickie between you and your lover.

    #1 The library

    This location is especially hot if your lover happens to be the librarian. One of the great things about libraries is that they have lots of nooks and crannies. Find one in a section where few people go and study a little biology. Standing up pressed against a wall or sturdy bookcase is the best position for library sex. Remember though, Shhh – people are trying to read.

    #2 Changing room

    Sex in a changing room is similar to sex in a bathroom, but with fewer smells, more room and a greater chance of getting caught. If done correctly, sex in a changing room can be a thrilling little treat and will make your man much more interested in shopping. Be sure to pick a store where the changing room has an actual door, not a curtain. Unless there is a little of the exhibitionist in you. If so, have at it!

    #3 Public beach

    There’s nothing cooler than some quick underwater sex on a hot summer day. Swim out far enough to be away from other people, but close enough to keep the life guard from noticing you. Some playful tickling and fondling on the way out can get you both in the mood. Once you find a good depth, push the swimsuits aside and go to town. Chances are, anyone seeing you will just think you’re making out.

    #4 Tree house or snow fort

    This one is mostly for couples with kids. Having sex in a space usually reserved for kids, adds a whole new level of excitement. Plan ahead and stash some blankets and pillows before luring your partner outside. Sex in a snow fort sounds like a chilly enterprise, but you’ll be surprised how fast you can generate enough body heat, especially with the right motivation.

    #5 Roof

    A curious thing about cities is that no one ever looks up. Everyone is in too big of a hurry to worry about what’s going on above them. If you live or work in a place with roof access, take the time to sneak away for some skyline action. Whether at night under the stars or during the day with the rushing sounds of urban life below, sex on the roof will give you a thrill to remember.

    #6 Alley

    A favorite fantasy spot for men, maybe not as popular with women, alley sex is doable if you scope things out ahead of time. If you want your wife or girlfriend to get excited about some risky back alley sex, pick a nice alley. Find someplace reasonably clean and free of vermin and people. Variations she might be into are a secluded parking lot or under a bridge. No woman who has seen the movie “Henry and June” will say no to sex under a bridge. For those couples who like it dirty, make the shower your next stop.

    #7 Parents’ house

    The ultimate in naughty sex spots whether you're a teen or a mature, sensible adult. The next time you are both bored at the family Thanksgiving dinner or Fourth of July picnic, whisper into your partner's ear, “Meet me in the laundry room in five minutes.” Be sure to lock the door and don’t make too much noise. Slip back out and enjoy the rest of the party.

    Grace Mary Perez is a freelance writer with a wide variety of writing credits to her name including interviews, articles and blogs. She, also, has nearly a decade of experience writing erotic fiction. Grace is a founding member of the Devient Minds - NFP. Devient Minds is a not-for-profit organization which works to increase sex-positive attitudes throughout Chicago and the greater society. DM-NFP has produced sex positive podcasts, events and is currently producing a citywide festival. She is a proud follower of the Qadishtu path of spirituality. Helping individuals and couples discover the full potential of their sexuality is one of her primary goals as a Qadishtu.
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