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Writer? Get Your Articles Featured on GetLusty!

    GetLusty For Couples is looking for writers! Our mission? End boring sex for couples. Not just one kind of couple. All kinds of couples. In all shapes, ages (heavily focused on the 24-50 range), colors, genders and identities. We understand the line of sexuality doesn't stop at heterosexual.

    Our writers benefit from our extensive network, social media publicity and much more benefits.

    What we share? Passion for amazing relationships

    We'll talk about a variety of perspectives on monogamy. Even poly. But at the end of the day, GetLusty believes your relationship can be beautiful between you two. Sex doesn't have to get stale or boring after years of love. Communication doesn't have to erode. If you choose to experiment, that's wonderful! But at the end of the day, we're all here to help you love better.

    Not hetero? Write for us!

    We support gay and straight couples equally. We believe in marriage equality. We support loving long-term relationships. Are you bi-sexual or gay? We want to hear from you! We're looking especially for writers to represent these perspectives. We'd love to feature specific advice that you've learned along the way. Would you like to hear about sex with disability? We're looking to empower those voices, too!

    Apply to write for GetLusty for Couples. Fill the form out below!

    With love,
    Erica & Tim
    co-Founders & Chief Lust Officers

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