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In 2 Days! Ladies Night Out: Exploring Female Orgasm

    Just 1 day left to register! After our chat with Cheryl Sloane of G Boutique, we got a call from Michelle Herzog, MSMFT about her upcoming event at G Boutique. We were already set to feature the event and now there's even more of a reason. Michelle Herzog explains more why she's leading an event on female orgasm and why you must attend! RSVP directly here.

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    Female Orgasm: It’s About the Journey, Not the Destination.

    Female orgasm is something I have become very passionate about in the past few months. In preparation for a workshop I am giving in early November at G Boutique in Chicago, I began researching the female orgasm and all of its glory. What did I find? A Lot.

    As a clinician, I see a variety of people who experience difficulty with intercourse and orgasm. In the U.S., we are taught a traditional model of intercourse, which frames sex as an activity and orgasm as the final goal. Think of this model as a game.

    A game with a beginning, middle and end. Maybe a little bit of foreplay to start the game off right, throw in some intercourse when the players are ready, and by the end, everyone orgasms and calls it a night. Sound familiar?

    It is my belief that how we feel and treat our sex lives should not be based on a standard (and very limited) way of thinking. Sex is fluid and different for everyone. Whether you orgasm or not, experiencing pleasure and connection with your partner or on your own can be a very powerful part of your sexual journey. I believe people can have fulfilling and amazing sex lives without the pressure of orgasm hanging over their heads. This is hard for people to hear because of how we are socialized to think about sex. Being open to new ways of thinking about and exploring sex are the first steps towards new levels of pleasure and excitement in the bedroom.

    In my upcoming workshop, I will be inviting women to think outside the traditional box of what sex “should” look like. I will be educating about the different aspects of female orgasm, including the G-Spot and female ejaculation. Other topics include masturbation, mindful sex and orgasm-inducing techniques. Cheryl Sloane, the owner of G Boutique, will be demonstrating and educating about orgasm friendly products throughout the presentation. This is sure to be a fun and female friendly night out! More details can be found below.

    Where: G Boutique 2131 N. Damen Ave. Chicago
    When: Monday, November 5th at 7:15pm
    Cost: $20.00
    RSVP: Registration required. Please visit here to RSVP.

    More about Michelle:

    Michelle Herzog, MSMFT, is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in adult individual, couple and sex therapy. Michelle received her Master of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northwestern University as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from DePaul University in Chicago. Michelle is a staff therapist at the Center for Mindful Living, a boutique group practice specializing in the confidential treatment of sexual constraints. Learn more about Michelle at the Center for Mindful Living.

    See the map below for G Boutique below.

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