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Voting is Sexy! Do It Today!

    Dear GetLusty readers,

    Are you an American? Many of our readers come from across the world. But this message is especially for Americans and ex-pats living abroad (cast your absentee ballot).

    You matter in this election

    Cast your ballot. Your vote matters, and your opinion matters. Whether you're voting based on women's reproductive rights, education, national insurance, climate change (enter Barack Obama and Hurricane Sandy), medicare and social security or a variety of other issues. This election couldn't be any closer this November 6, 2012.

    We're going to carve out some time in our busy schedules because voting is a priviledge and a duty that we take seriously. You could be the difference between your candidate winning and another sorry soul. For us, and for many women across the United States, it's Barack Obama. But if you think Romney is best suited to your needs, vote! Check out the Funny or Die video prompting you to vote!

    Be heard. Vote today!

    With love,
    Erica Grigg and Tim Watson
    Chief Lust Officers
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