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9 Reasons to Sign Up for the New GetLusty

    At GetLusty for Couples, we're more than excited about what's next. We've talked briefly about it, but we thought it would be important to talk about what's next in a little more detail.

    We're on a mission to end boring sex. As our Chief Lust Officer, Erica Grigg, went to Built in Chicago, a networking event for startups, investors and innovators, recently, she came upon many excited couples. They were itching to see what's next for GetLusty for Couples. It's hard not to like something that's aimed at getting couples a better sexual relationship.

    And you, too, our readers, have taken the journey with us. On December 7th, we'll have a new site, a new format and even more value--for Chicagoans and those living nationally (and even our international readers)

    Why should you sign up to our Beta?

    #1 Improve your communication skills

    Better communication skills and a happier relationship means better sex. Overall, have an awesome, fulfilling relationship. We'll have a list of online and local sex therapists and counselors to improve your love life. We'll also have a database of articles on having better communication.

    #2 Join our growing community of like-minded couples

    You're not the only couple that's passionate about an amazing sexual relationship. Our extensive community of couples nationally and internationally is already strong. And we started just 12 short weeks ago! We're working around the clock to grow the community. You're not alone. Join us! We're growing at around 50%+ per month. Already, readers have exclaimed, "You've saved my marriage!" Let us help you keep you both lusty--together!

    #3 Get expert advice from professionals who care about your successful sexual relationship

    We'll have advice from world-renowned sexologist, therapists and experts. We currently have over 375 articles on having better love and sex. Expect more of that in our next release!

    #4 Easy access to awesome dates

    In Chicago and want date ideas? We'll have numerous featured ideas and businesses to direct you to. They'll share our values and ideals. For example, looking for a woman-owned toy shop or lingerie store? We've got recommendations! National recommendations coming soon.

    #5 End boring sex

    Stomp out the myth that married sex is boring sex. Just because you're coupled doesn't mean sex has to be boring! 

    #6 Expert-moderated forums

    Have questions? We'll have forums. There, you'll be able to ask and answer questions, moderated by knowledgeable sex educators.

    #7 Get healthier 

    On the way to getting healthier? That's an essential component to great sex! We'll have Chicago classes to keep you in tip-top shape for excellent sex. We also have an entire section dedicated to staying healthy for better sex. For example, have you ever considered doing a class to improve your stripping skills? It's tons of fun.

    #8 Have more adventures together

    Want to get adventurous? Starting in Chicago, we'll have a host of ideas to get adventurous together. Then? The great sex that comes after knowing how much fun you've had together.

    #9 Awesome giveaways & freebies

    We'll have giveaways! For example, our next little giveaway is a VulvaLoveLovely creation. We'll have items you'll love that you may have never even heard of! We've just given away a Sqweel 2 (the world's best selling oral sex toy) from Lovehoney. And we're just getting started!

    Thanks so much for being a part of our community! We look forward to providing you even more value with the launch of our new website!

    Sign up to the next version of GetLusty for Couples here!

    With love,
    Erica Grigg & Tim Watson
    Co-Founders and Chief Lust Officers
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