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A Debee Ashby Megapost

    When I was 14 going on 15, I managed to get a copy of Men Only. It had a certain young lady on the cover...

    ...but she wasn't in the fucking mag! It was only a few months later that I caught the reprint of her first set in a Men Only Special, and my God was it special. I think it was because Debbie, Debbee or Debee (whatever) Ashby was just sixteen... only a couple of years older... so attainable. As IF. A young teenager could dream and fucking hell, did I dream. Mainly of fucking her tits and jizzing all over them. So here's more of that set, and more Debee from over the following seven or eight years...

    ...and then she went blonde!

    Wow! Debee AND Sam! Tit frenzy!

    Is that enough do you think?
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